A fresh coat of paint added to the interior of your home can give it a whole new look and even raise the value of your home. American Hill Country Painting and Remodeling offers comprehensive interior painting and remodeling for all of your home improvement needs.

Our work is done in-house by professionals and not contracted out to third parties. We’re committed to quality and guarantee you’ll love the results of your new home renovation.

House Framing

House Framing is a construction technique which focuses on the structural integrity of a building. If you are considering changing a dimensional layout of a room, adding a wall window or door, you will need to ensure that the structure of your home is prepared to support the extra stress. We have an in-house framing team that is able to work with your ideas and designs to permit and execute any framing project.


We offer drywall repair and installation services for both residential and commercial projects in the San Antonio, TX area. We purchase drywall and all of our construction materials in bulk, which brings the savings onto you. During a drywall project, we will cover, tape off, and protect any of your items in the area to assure that no damage is caused by drywall dust.

Drywall Insulation

Our home remodeling team is highly experienced in drywall work and can ensure that your walls will be sheeted quickly and with little waste. We use quality materials to make sure that your drywall installation will not sag, crack, or peel down the line. We have quality tape and floating techniques that will keep your walls even and straight on the seams.

Drywall Repair

If you have a drywall surface that needs repairs, whether there are large holes, water damage, or sagging ceilings, we can handle the job. Our team has years of experience repairing drywall surfaces and are skilled in assessing how to execute complex repair projects.

drywall installation
drywall repair
patching drywall

Wall Texture

Wall texture is a stucco finish applied to drywall surfaces that add peaks and dips to hide imperfections and prevents wear and tear over time. Wall textures add depth to a surface, while also hiding any nicks or holes that can’t be repaired perfectly.

Benefits of Wall Texture
It’s one of the best quick repairs if you’re on a budget to increase your home’s look and appeal.


Shiplap is an overlapping wood siding technique used in the construction of barns and farmhouses. Shiplap is popular now for the interior of homes because of the rustic aesthetic it adds to any wall. Whether you are considering an accent wall of repurposed shiplap or a full interior covering, we can handle it.

Barn Wood Installation

Repurposed barn wood and other weathered woods can be used as an accent wall to bring the outside rustic look into the interior of your home. We have sources of rustic and repurposed wood that will get the aesthetic you are looking for, without the worry of any lead paint or contaminants.

kitchen island shiplap unfinished wood
shiplap kitchen island stained wood

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling is a popular construction trend used in homes built from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Popcorn ceiling was used to dampen noise and echoing in homes, but over time it collects dust and can look unappealing in a home. Popcorn ceiling can be difficult to remove without causing a mess, but our skilled team has the process down to a quick and efficient science.

Molding Installation

Molding is a great way to add extra craftsmanship into your home without much structural change. We will work with you to source the molding that you desire in your home and install it perfectly.

skirting boards

Crown Molding

Crown molding is installed on the top of a wall on the seam between a wall and the ceiling. Whether you are looking at a modest New England-styled crown molding or a great Victorian molding design, we will be able to help you through the project.


Baseboard is used throughout the home along the seams between the walls and floor of your home. Baseboard will hide those imperfections in the edges of your floor construction and help prevent additional damage to walls from foot traffic and furniture placement.


Trim is used around openings like doors, windows, pass-through, and seams. If you are installing trim it is important to pick a design that can be universally used throughout your home, no matter how many different wall colors or room layouts you may have.

Tongue and Groove Installation

Tongue and groove ceilings are a great way to bring the simple raw wood colors into your home. Before drywall was invented tongue and groove wood installation was used to make walls and ceilings.

Interior Painting

We only use the best interior paints and primers made by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. These products are made to last and ensure that your investment will look beautiful for years to come. We also use high-end paints because they are designed to hold up against degradation from normal wear and stains. Our painting projects are carried out in stages so we can practice extreme caution when moving and protecting furniture.

sherwin williams paint
benjamin moore paint

Bathroom Painting

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, it is important to pick the right paint for the job. Not all paints are equal and with the extra moisture from the steam of a shower, subpar paints will break down and peel over time. We use Aura Bath and Spa paint for bathrooms because the matte finish is designed for high humidity, and its color lock mix design delivers great coverage for brilliant and rich colors.

Kitchen Painting

We use premium glossy and semi-gloss stains in kitchens to assure that the grease and other debris created in the kitchen does not stain any of your paint. Stain blocking paints will assure that your walls are easy to wipe off and clean over time.

Interior Staining

Staining interior trim work, shiplap, or tongue and groove wood bring earth tones into your home and helps accent the wood grain. We use quality mixed and colored Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore stains to assure that our wood is getting properly coated and protected. Choosing a stain color can be difficult when matching the colors in your home, but our specialists will work with you to test splotches to find the right fit.

brush staining wood

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