Should I Get Unbreakable Glass Windows?

shatterproof windows

Without a doubt, windows are the most important parts of any structure when it comes to shaping the feel of its interior. Consequently, picking the right windows for a new construction or a renovation is of paramount importance. That’s why unbreakable windows have become such a hot draw in recent years with property owners that prioritize quality of life.

What Are Unbreakable Glass Windows?

Unlike traditional glass windows, unbreakable glass windows boast a unique construction that resists shattering like no other. Generally speaking, they feature a polymer film layer that’s positioned in between two glass panes. While these windows may bend under stress, they won’t break into a thousand pieces when they sustain a major blow.

Why You Should Consider Unbreakable Glass Windows

There are many reasons why unbreakable windows are superior to traditional windows for residential and commercial applications. Some of the more persuasive selling points include:

Superior Safety and Security

The best thing about unbreakable glass windows is that you don’t have to deal with jagged shards should the panes break. Shatterproof windows are easy to clean up if a tree trunk happens to breach them. What’s more, these windows are tough for would-be burglars to compromise without alerting residents or neighbors.

Better Aesthetics Both Inside and Out

The reality is that shatterproof windows look better than traditional models thanks to the versatility of tempered glass. Shatterproof glass can be patterned in a number of ways and engraved like no other. Furthermore, nearly indestructible glass is often far more clear than the traditional variety thanks to the manufacturing process.

Greater Installation Flexibility

Another attractive quality of shatterproof glass is its ability to be shaped in ways that traditional glass can’t. For instance, curved shatterproof windows can be used in rotundas and shower stalls. Thanks to the intermediate polymer layer found between the glass, shatterproof panes can be bent in ways that seem to defy the laws of physics.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Yet another advantage of shatterproof glass is the thermal qualities that make it a great fit for homes designed for maximum energy efficiency. Quality shatter-resistant windows trap a lot of heat and dissipate it slowly throughout the day. The end result is typically lower utility bills thanks to reduced HVAC usage throughout the year.

Outstanding Return on Investment

While shatterproof windows are more expensive than traditional models, they pay for themselves and then some in several ways. Firstly, they boost the resale value of any property. Furthermore, they can substantially reduce homeowners insurance rates. Finally, they often prevent the need for costly home repairs that result from major storms.

Getting the Right Unbreakable Windows for You

The key to reaping the benefits that a great unbreakable window set can provide comes down to excellent installation. At AHC Painting and Remodeling, we specialize in installing the finest shatterproof windows money can buy for San Antonio residents. Call us today to schedule a consultation!